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I am Kavidu Dilshan Jayakody

Web developer | graphic designer | YouTuber

What I Do

I have learned many thing until now. With those skills, I can say that I'm good at following sections. In addtion, you can get more about what this site includes and what are the future plans.


Asa youtuber, I'm making cover songs,m official songs and tutorials.


As a developer, I'm good at web development using many technogloies.


As a deasigner, I'm good at designing logos, posters, banners, etc.

Music is for relaxing my mind to code and design.

Beyond the waves of music

My YouTube

You can check all of my cover songs, produced music tracks and tutorials in this section. Future videos also will be postsed here.

My Blog

This will be a very good place to learn easy tips and tricks for web developer, music producers and graphic designers.

My Portfolio

This is the place for my work which i did for my clients, work places and my own ideas. You can get an idea about what i've done until now.

My Shop

This is the place for anyone who wants to download good products and tools free. In addition you will get some premium items for a reasonalable price.